How to Get the PUBG Room ID and Password?

How to Get the PUBG Room ID and Password?

PUBG mobile is one of the most popular mobile game and millions of players like to play it daily. PUBG mobile also has different types of in-game options like Custom Room where you can play with your friends and other players by creating room and sharing room credentials with them. PUBG mobile Custom Rooms are seperate custom servers where only those players can join who have been invited by admin or have Room ID and Password. PUBG Mobile custom rooms are also very costly, below we will know more about PUBG MObile Custom room.

Post: How to Join PUBG Custom Room

Info: This same process is also applied for other games tournament such as PUBG Mobile Lite, Free Fire and COD.

What is a Custom Room in PUBG Mobile?

A Custom Room is basically a private space or a Custom Server in which only those can play who have the credentials for that particular room. When anyone creates a custom room in PUBG Mobile, it’s protected with a unique password which the creator decides. Apart from the password there is a unique Room ID that is different for every single room shown in the screenshot below. No two room ID’s can be identical.

Anyone with the correct Room ID and Password can easily join the custom room in PUBG Mobile. We have listed four very simply steps by which you will have no problems joining in a custom room whatsoever.


How to Get the PUBG Room ID and Password From BattleLoop?

Room ID and Password (for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, PUBG Lite etc. ) are shared through App-Notification and also inside the app in participated tournament.
Step 1: Just open the BattleLoop app and select the game (like PUBG Mobile, FreeFire) then Scroll down to the match you participated.
Step 2: Click on the participated match and there you will get the Room ID and Password before 15 minutes of match start time.
Step 3: Note Down the Room ID and Password and share it with your friends if you participated in a Squad match and if you are the one who resgitered the Squad.
Note: Make sure you and your squad join the Room within 15 minutes before match start time.


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